Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Loss

Water Heater

Water heaters are commonly the cause of the fire losses in homes. We are trained for any damages that your Laredo home may have and will mitigate them properly.


Ceiling during a Fire

It is common that during a fire loss, there will be water damage apart from fire damage. Shown here is a ceiling that has collapsed due to sogginess caused by water.

Removing carpet

PPE During a Fire Loss

Wearing the proper PPE is important to us here in SERVPRO of North Laredo. Here our SERVPRO crew member is removing saturated pad and carpet in a bedroom after a fire loss.

Fire Loss

Fire Loss

This is the site of a bathroom after the hot water heater busted in a trailer home. SERVPRO of North Laredo was out on the scene right away to assess damages and mitigate them as possible.